Bennetti Coffee Roasters

About Bennetti Coffee Roasters

Welcome to Bennetti Coffee Roasters. We are small batch roasters of coffee beans and carry a range of coffees that suit all tastes. We are pleased to offer a service to the coffee industry that is efficient, reliable and up to date with current market trends. Bennetti Coffee Roasters has been branded since 2000 and Peter takes pride in overseeing every roast packed in the Bennetti bags. We can also pack in bags with your label by arrangement.

Samples of our blends are available on request.  Bennetti Coffee Roasters also supplies organic, Decaffeinated, drinking chocolate, disposable cups, sugar sticks, stirring sticks and a range of coffee machine cleaning products. You can also talk to us about espresso machine options and grinders.

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What We Offer

Convenient & Fast Solution 

We can supply samples of our coffee blends through our premises in Clayton or deliver them direct to your location for you to sample through your machine.

Experienced Team 

We are available to discuss your every need and work with you to achieve a coffee blend that will best serve your customers in your specific environment.

Customer Focused 

We understand that your customers are important to you, just as you are important to us. We can also provide barista training to your staff.

Quality Coffee Beans 

Our green beans are sourced from large, reliable, green bean importers who obtain their  supplies from coffee plantations around the world.

Our Coffee Roasters Beans

Bennetti Coffee Beans


Our green beans are sourced from large, reliable, green bean importers who obtain their supplies from coffee plantations around the world.The green bean suppliers are organic and rainforest alliance certified. As freshness is paramount, all supplies are roasted to order and delivered within 24 hours of roasting. We pack in Bennetti coffee Roasters bags with a one-way valve to ensure freshness is maintained. The bags allow the coffee to de-gas but do not allow any air to enter the bag.